New Generation Investment Company
Metric Investment Group is a new generation investment company focused on long-term risk-adjusted returns through investments in capital markets, venture capital, private equity and real assets.

Our achievements

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Who we are

Started from investments in different types of UK and NY real estate and management of securities portfolio in 2015, now we expanded our investment focus on new economy/technology and innovations through both capital markets and venture industry.

We are building a unique ecosystem that involves our investors, team members, partners and busines’ founders that creates mutual benefits for each party.

We strongly believe that business value is more important nowadays that just money.


What we do


Capital Markets

Investment objective

To achieve a possible maximum absolute return in the medium-term perspective on global market with limited level of risks. Capital protection is a key priority.

Investment approach

  • To use our own developed cyclical macroeconomic model which determines perspective regions, sectors and instrument types in each moment based on the determined economic cycle.
  • To invest preferably in portfolio managers which can generate alpha in selected sectors rather than invest directly to securities or ETFs.
  • Portfolio liquidity is the key factor when selecting investment instruments.

Venture Capital

Investment objective

To maximize long-term capital appreciation of a portfolio via an allocation geared to assets with high expected returns.

Investment approach

  • As a Limited Partner to invest into most promising VC funds from prospective industries with the highest growth potential focusing on B2B Software and BioTech/MedTech.
  • As a co-Genereal Partnter to create and manage VC firms in partnership with highly experienced professionals from the industries. This approach gives us more control in making important management decisions and allows us to grow expertise in the industries we are interested and belive in.

Private Equity

Investment objective

To build a portfolio of small-to-medium sized companies with a 3 to 5 years payback period that generates stable dividend flow.

Investment approach

  • To catch a sight of the best opportunities to invest, focusing on Food & Beverage, Hospitality— spheres within which we have the most expertise.
  • To look for distressed assets and to pull that business out of crisis giving them a new life.
  • To acquire existing assets and combine with assets from the same industry to achieve synergies and improve operational performance

Real Estate

Investment objective

To get higher-than-the-market return in medium term investments in case of equity financing or to create alternative to high-yield with a controlled level of risks in case of loan financing.

Investment approach

  • To structure the financing terms in the way providing maximum protection and security to the investment.
  • To invest into projects at prime locations with growth potential and with an involvement of local developers with huge experience.
  • As an equity investor to participate in making important management decisions, to bring best practice from different markets to local developers and to attract banking financing under the best terms with reasonable LTV.


Real Estate
Private Equity

196 Orchard street

Location – New York, Lower East side

Year built - 2018

Size – 11-Story, 89 units, 175 000 sqft

Type – Mixed used Condominimum

At the corner of East Houston and Orchard street 3 Land Parcels plus air rights was assembled and completed construction in 2018.

65.000 sqft of retail spaces were leased to Equinox, Marshalls and CVS before construction began.

Investment type – Mezzanine financing

Eaton Place, UK

20-22 Eaton Place

Location – London, Belgravia

Year built - 2018

Size – 6 units, 13,500 sqft.

Type – Residential

Four luxury fully furnished apartments for rent.

The building was fully rebuild in 2018.

Investment type – Equity

West Street, NY

Location – New York, West Street

Size – 10 units, 20 386 sqft

Type – Residential

Fully furnished luxury serviced apartment with an access to luxurious spa, residents lounge bar, heated courtyard with fireplaces and rooftop terrace

Investment type – Limited Partner

Belgravia Gate, UK

Location – London, UK

Year built – 2019

Size – 12 units, 120 997 sqft

Type – Residential

A unique collection of 12 luxury residences located on the most prestigious street in London

Investment type – Mezzanine loans

Gaia Monaco

Following its unprecedented success in Dubai, GAIA has expanded internationally with its second restaurant opened in Monte-Carlo.

Location – Monaco, Hotel Metropole

Year built - 2019

Management – Bulldozer group

Investment type – Equity

Gaia Dubai

Authentic Greek fine-dining restaurant in the heart of Dubai.

Named after the Greek Goddess of Earth, the mother of the sun, the mountains and the sea, GAIA is a refined taverna, offering exquisite Greek cuisine. Inspired by Mediterranean culture, GAIA blends history and design to create a relaxed and inviting ambiance.

Location – Dubai, DIFC

Year built - 2018

Management – Bulldozer group

Investment type – Equity

Mansalto, Tuscany Italy

One of the largest private properties in Tuscany turned into balanced developing enterprise.

2,000 hectares of land made up by vineyards, olive groves, hazelnut groves and forests.

Boutique winery recognized around the globe for its modern wines.

10,000 sqm. of hospitality real estate

Location – Tuscany, Italy

Start of the project – 2013

Sectors – Real Estate, Agriculture, Hospitality, Forestry

Investment type – Equity

Alex Kuraksin

Strategy and business development

Alex has more that 15 years of experience in investment and commercial banking, real estate management and private equity in executive positions.

Before founding Metric Investment Company Alex had successful entrepreneurial and VC investment experience.

Holds MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) master’s degree.

In Metric, Alex is responsible for general management of all group’s investment activities and investors relations.

Dmitry Lytkin

Private Equity

Dmitry is a seasoned Private Equity professional with 15 years of managerial experience.

Prior to joining Metric, Dmitry had worked 8 years as an Investment Director in PE where he oversaw $400mn. portfolio.

Harvard Business School alumnus and holds Lomonosov Moscow State University master’s degree.

In Metric, Dmitry oversees Private Equity activities in Europe and US.

Michael Safin

Asset Management

Michael has more than 15 years of professional experience in financial industry.

Prior to joining Metric, Michael held different management positions in credit and equity research in commercial and investment banks.

Holds MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) master’s and PhD degree, MBA and is a CFA charterholder.

In Metric, Michael responsible for managing of investment portfolio and asset consultancy.